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Chemical-Free, Noiseless Bug Zapper Makes You Forget Insects Even EXIST!

Just set it and forget it – no need to put on a smelly lotion every 6 hours or swing a mosquito racket around!

Published: April 01, 2022


I’ve always loved the outdoors. In fact, I spent most of my life out in nature. Shooting photos for work, joining triathlons, and taking my family on nature trips twice a month. Now, I still spend a lot of time mountain biking, hiking, and camping – yes, even at 62!

I’m blessed that my three daughters love the outdoors as much as I do. And ever since we welcomed a new member of the family (my first grandchild, Jack), I couldn’t wait to show him the wonders of nature.

But before we set out on even a backyard “camping” trip with Jack, we had to prep the essentials, including bug repellant.

Now I’ll be honest – it’s been a long time since I consciously thought about bugs and mosquitoes. My kids have been buying typical lotions or sprays for years. As for me, I’m not particularly tasty to bugs. But as a new grandfather, I understand my daughter’s concern perfectly. And I want to show her that I support her protectiveness AND her willingness to share the great outdoors with her son.

My daughter was trying out some “kid-friendly” bug sprays, but Jack wasn’t reacting well to them.

My wife is actually allergic to bug sprays and lotions, which was why she missed out on a lot of camping trips and hikes. And it looked like our first grandchild would have that same problem, too! It made the whole family sad. And it made me devastated.

Since lotion was a no-go, we looked into bug zappers, mosquito rackets, and coils. But they caused a stink, or killed bugs so loudly, they’d startle the baby!

Plus, it wasn’t that easy finding something you could lug around with camping gear and a diaper bag.

Still, we had to find a way to keep insects away from Jack. My wife and I didn’t want him to miss out, and Anne wanted to go on more trips, now that we’ve both retired.

Why Are Families Loving the Buzz Patrol Bug Zapper?

Just when we were at our wits’ end looking for a baby-safe mosquito repellent, we found Buzz Patrol! It was this handy little bug zapper that was 100% chemical-free, noiseless, and effective!

It seemed to be the perfect solution for people who get a rash from bug spray, and those who don’t like waving a mosquito racket around. With Buzz Patrol, you just had to set it, forget it, and enjoy!

Why is Buzz Patrol So Important for Keeping Your Family Safe?

Why the fuss over tiny bugs you can just crush or slap, you ask?

Mosquitoes are quick and they are DEADLY. They can kill up to one million people a year.

Mosquitoes can kill up to one million people a year – twenty times more than snakes, which “only’’ kill 50,000 people a year. And, you can’t exactly tell if a mosquito is carrying dengue, zika, malaria, or chikungunya, so they’re better ZAPPED than sorry!
The people behind Buzz Patrol know all this, which is why they made getting rid of mosquitoes (and other insects) so easy.

Take a Look at This Portable Zapper!

UV Light Lures bugs, then kills them instantly!

Electric Grid Works with the UV light to kill the mosquitoes and bugs in a snap! No toxic bug spray, no smelly chemicals, and it’s 100% safe – for humans, at least!

Carry Handle Take it with you on trips and hang it up anywhere you like

Charging Port A rechargeable bug killer means you don’t need to rely on an electrical outlet to keep the mosquitoes away!

Cleaning Brush Already included in the package for quick and easy cleaning

Non-slip Mat No need to worry about toppling it over!

Why Buzz Patrol is Zapping Out the Competition

If you’re wondering why we chose this new product instead of those “tried and tested” bug repellents or zappers, it’s because Buzz Patrol eliminates what you HATE about traditional bug killers, and throws a couple more perks in!

My family and I tried Buzz Patrol and now we are finally planning our first camping trip along with my wife and Baby Jack! My daughter was so happy with Buzz Patrol, she even bought two for their own house. Now, she never worries about any insects getting at her baby, even while they sleep!

Here’s What Other Buzz Patrol Users Think!

“There’s always a lot of mosquitoes lurking around our house, so having Buzz Patrol really made getting rid of them so much easier. We can now have a backyard barbecue and NOT have to swat a bug every few minutes! Plus, it’s so easy to use and clean. Including a brush in the package is thoughtful!” - Jessica R.

“No need to remember the bug spray or lotion anymore! I just pack my Buzz Patrol in my bag and go!” - Mike D.

“I never really got to enjoy outdoor trips because the bugs love feasting on me. But after we tried Buzz Patrol, I realized that I actually enjoy going outside and being surrounded by trees and water and sky. I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest my whole life but I’m only appreciating it now!” - Johnnie T.

Make Sure You Get Only the Official Buzz Patrol!

Now that other companies are seeing that people WANT a portable, silent, and chemical-free way to zap bugs, dozens of copycats are springing up. So remember to get ONLY the official Buzz Patrol if you want to get rid of bugs for good!

I was really pleased with my Buzz Patrol purchase, so I messaged the brand to thank them. And to my surprise, they gave me an exclusive link that’ll give YOU 40% off your own Buzz Patrol purchase!

I think everyone deserves a chance to enjoy more time outdoors – bug-free, of course. So do yourself a favor, get rid of those mosquitoes and insects, and get Buzz Patrol at half-price!

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    Jason Bowde

    If this really works as good as this article says, that would be an awesome thing to get. Has anyone bought one of these yet? 🤔

    Reply 1 26m
    • avatar

      Samuel Dawson

      My wife got me one for a birthday gift a month ago, I was skeptical a first but this thing really works great. It's not like the cheap crap you typically see being advertised.

      Reply 1 11m
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        Mike Thompson

        I bought a couple and really like them. Gave one to my dad and he loves it too.

        Reply 1 4m
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        Sarah Jonesly

        wow I really need one of these, I can see many ways to use this.

        Reply 1 45m
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          Jeffrey Storben

          I saw this on YouTube looks like it works really I'm going to get one and will report back

          Reply 1 56m
          • avatar

            Paul Ronsfield

            Just ordered 2 will update everyone later but seems like its really well built. Most of the reviews are very positive and the company has been around a while.

            Reply 1 1h
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              Jenni Parker

              Looks pretty easy to use, I bet a woman created this 😂 just sayin

              Reply 1 3h