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62-Year Old Florida Woman Suffering From Leg Pain Uses Weird Device, Can Finally Play With Grandson Again-(copy)

One 62-year Old Florida woman shares her heartbreaking story of how this device helped save her relationship with her grandson. Read his story below now.

Published: August 20, 2021


St. Augustine, Florida - “Why won’t you come out and play” I’ll never forget hearing those words that came from my 8-year-old grandson.

Every Sunday we’d meet up at 10AM sharp to go play outside and enjoy the beautiful seaside St. Augustine had to offer.

But today wasn’t the day…

I could hear him all the way from my room, where I sat alone on the edge of my bed… looking out at the window, wishing I could do something as simple as get up and walk.

Yet here I am with a swollen ankle the size of a grapefruit… and trying to keep pain pills down, hoping they take effect fast (they never do, what a rip-off).

It was at that moment when I reminisced about the good old times…running around out-front, out on the lawn, tackling my grandchildren and playing hide ‘n go seek…

I would even jump on the trampoline with them (yeah… I’m the fun grandma). My grand-kids are the love of my life…

But now I can’t help but feel like a sad, grumpy old hag that lives in the back room and comes out to complain about something to eat…

The truth is - the tingling and numbing feeling in my legs has become the bane of my existence.

The pain, the swelling that makes me feel like I need to move my legs around all the time…I don’t want to admit this, but I’m no longer the person I used to be.

The Most Frustrating Part Is I’m Not Even That Old!

I’m 62 years “young” and have worked at the post office for 28 years, until my official retirement last year.

My colleagues always knew me as the energetic and enthusiastic woman that would put a smile on everybody’s face who walked in through our doors…

But deep down I knew that my post office job - as much as I loved it - finally caught up to me, especially in the last couple of years.

Just the other day, I woke up and tried to go to the bathroom. I barely made it as my leg pain started to intensify.

Can you imagine not doing something as simple as going to the bathroom?

The leg specialist told me I shouldn’t walk around as much anymore… He said things would only get worse…

Then he asked me if I like to paint or draw.

“Perhaps it’s time you find a hobby that doesn’t require you to get up and move around a lot,” he said.

“What happened to me?” I remember thinking. “Everything seemed to be fine not too long ago… how has my leg pain gotten so bad…so fast?”

If you feel this way and suffer with any form of leg pain, swelling and overall muscle stiffness in your leg…

Especially if you have a job that demands standing and walking around for several hours at a time…

Then you’ll want to…

Pay Close Attention To What I’m About To Show You

Because I’m going to reveal how I discovered the best— and unexpected— leg pain-relieving solution that has helped me live a happier, healthier life free of swelling and tingling pain…

…and this actually works in minutes and in the comfort of your own home. Trust me… I didn’t think it was possible, either.

Now, I made some big (and costly) mistakes along the way. That’s why I’m sharing this with you now.

I want you to avoid the suffering I had to put up with… the time wasted on nonsense “snake oil” remedies… and lame-duck doctors that just toss whatever’s on their desk at you.

Remember the leg specialist I told you about earlier?

From Therapy…To Massages…I’ve Tried It All

Well, first she recommended some sort of new therapy that would alleviate some of my leg swelling.

At first, it worked…but very quickly did I realize it was only masking the problem. And it was expensive.

Then, she recommended professional massages.

I liked the sound of that…I mean, who doesn’t like getting massages…but a few sessions in I realized the massage therapist didn’t really give me the attention I was looking for.

(Plus, it was also getting expensive as insurance didn’t cover it).

As if all this wasn’t enough, the leg specialist recommended surgery, which not only sounded complicated but also came with risks.

“No, thank you,” I said to her.

Listen— I’ve tried everything in the book to get rid of leg selling, including…

✅ Switching back and forth between cold and warm compress

✅ Taking natural supplements like turmeric (expensive and still in pain)

✅ Popping harmful pain medications from doctors (or even NSAIDs from the grocery store)

But nothing worked…and the swelling was only getting worse.

The Bizarre and Unlikely “Sleeve” That Zapped My Leg Pain Away In Minutes

One day while researching online for hours… searching for anything to help with my leg swelling, when I came across Massu Relief

At first, I was skeptical because I couldn’t believe that something as simple as a sleeve could help.

After all, I tried compression shorts in the past and they left me feeling uncomfortable and gasping for air.

But as I would find out later, Massu Relax is different.

First, this device uses the same concept as measuring blood pressure, where air is being used to constrict and then release blood flow, encouraging circulation to the extremities.

Second, the battery pack that’s attached to each of the sleeves contains a small pump that can be customized by the user through 3 modes and 2 pressure stages…

Which means that you can simulate a personalized leg massage and improve circulation.

As you can probably tell from my story, I had nothing left to lose. I was willing to try anything to relieve the constant swelling.

And if you’re reading this right now, then you know what I’m talking about…

I wanted to run around again with my grandson and not be seen as the ol’ curmudgeon that yells from down the hall…

I wanted to go to church again, to be able to sit in the pew… and then be able to get up without crying out in pain.

And finally, I wanted to be known again as that energetic and enthusiastic woman that I once was.

So I took a leap of faith and ordered my first Massu Relax. Within a short time, my package arrived…

Putting The Sleeve To The Test (Results Will Surprise You)

The first thing I noticed was the high-quality, smooth Velcro fabric of the sleeve. It felt really comfortable when I pulled it over my calves.

There are small battery packs on each leg, so there’s no need for a remote control or anything like that.

After I put it on in excitement and turned it on in one of the three modes, the sleeve immediately began to massage my ankle and my calf.

At first, things “felt pretty normal”…

After two minutes, the tingling feeling I would constantly get in my legs started to go away…

Then 10 minutes later, the swelling around my ankle was beginning to deflate…

Finally, 20 minutes later, when I took off the sleeves and tried “walking it out”, I could easily make it to the bathroom without feeling pain like before.

Obviously, I was still feeling the overall pain in my legs that has built up over the years…

But after using Massu Relax just one time, I was already noticing significant differences.

I wasn’t expecting it to be a miracle, but I must say I was impressed by the power of these sleeves…

It was the first time that I actually understood the saying “age is just a number.”

This next part surprised me, too…

30 minutes after I went out to the living room, my son showed up with my grandson.

[insert image— positive vibes. Future pacing. Happy moments.]

“Grandma!” my grandson said when he saw me from the doorway.

He dropped his coat and ran up to me… and I actually squatted down to give him a hug. I couldn’t believe it myself.

Thanks to Massu Relax, I feel like I’m getting a “second wind” in life.

What Makes Massu Relax So Powerful?

✅ Vertical & Horizontal Air Pressure Along Your Legs Improve Blood Circulation In A Short Period Of Time

✅ Widely Adjustable Velcro Fabric Makes For A Smooth Experience For Your Skin

✅ Three Modes And 2 Pressure Stages For Each Mode For Customized Massage Experience, Similar To A Professional Massage

✅ Long-Lasting Battery Pack Attached To Each Sleeve, So You Don’t Need Wires Or A Remote Control

✅ Rechargeable Battery So You Can Enjoy The Benefits For A Long Time

✅ Can Fit In Any Purse Or Wallet— Making It The Perfect “On-The-Go Pain-Relief!”

“Where Can I Buy Massu Relax?”

I know for a fact the Massu Relax will save me $1000s in expenses, time and headaches.

Let’s face it: Nobody wants to be hooked on meds, spend time going to doctors and dish out money on ever-increasing medical bills.

If you want to soothe your aching legs… and have real, natural relief on YOUR terms, then you’re in luck—

Because right now, all readers that come from this page and click the button below can get 40% off their first order of Massu Relax!

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    Jason Bowde

    If this really works as good as this article says, that would be an awesome thing to get. Has anyone bought one of these yet? 🤔

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      Samuel Dawson

      My wife got me one for a birthday gift a month ago, I was skeptical a first but this thing really works great. It's not like the cheap crap you typically see being advertised.

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        Mike Thompson

        I bought a couple and really like them. Gave one to my dad and he loves it too.

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        Sarah Jonesly

        wow I really need one of these, I can see many ways to use this.

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          Jeffrey Storben

          I saw this on YouTube looks like it works really I'm going to get one and will report back

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            Paul Ronsfield

            Just ordered 2 will update everyone later but seems like its really well built. Most of the reviews are very positive and the company has been around a while.

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              Jenni Parker

              Looks pretty easy to use, I bet a woman created this 😂 just sayin

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